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ACC Request

ACC Request for Property Modifications

Keeping Your Community Looking Good!
Submitting Your Request:
All modification requests must be submitted directly to CMA for processing. Log into your CMA account at https://cma.cincwebaxis.com to submit your ACC Request. If you have not registered with CMA, please do so now at https://cma.cincwebaxis.com. After successfully submitting your request, it will be visible on the CMA Website while being reviewed by the ACC Committee. Once the ACC Committee approves or denies the request, the status will change accordingly. 
**Without all the needed documents, the request will be denied for insufficient information**
Guidelines for submittal:
  • Provide a Detailed Description of the Project.
  • Provide a Complete Materials List to include Colors to be used, along with Color Photos of the Materials.
  • Include a copy of your Survey Plot showing the exact location and dimensions of the improvement. 
  • If available, attach a contractor’s proposal.
  • Include Construction Drawings/Plans.
  • Ensure that all documents and pictures are scanned to one (1) PDF before submitting. The initial request will be returned if the request is not in one (1) single PDF.
  • Please note: It is not unusual for the ACC Committee to request a Permit from the City. To prevent unnecessary delays, provide a Permit from the City with your initial ACC Request. 
Suggestions and Information:
  • Your survey plot can be found with your closing documents. This must be turned in with the exact location and dimensions of improvements marked. We suggest you make copies of your survey plot and then mark improvements.
  • If doing landscape borders-please include a sample picture of what you plan to do. Landscape borders do not need neighbor approval.
  • Landscape borders are not allowed in the easement (between the sidewalk and the street) as per City.
  • Concrete extension in the backyard and on the sides do not need neighbor approval.
  • Anything that will be over the fence line such as a patio cover, fireplace, swing set, or basketball hoops in the backyard need the neighbors approval. You will need to provide pictures, the contractor’s proposal, and any documentation as to what you are building/installing to the neighbors for them to approve.
  • Please do not start any work until written approval is received from ACC. On denial of ACC request, you will have to remove it at your own expense.
  • Please use the attached form for neighbor approval. Neighbors include all those who share a fence with your home. Neighbors also include the homes in the front, if the front improvement is planned. 
  • Please refer to ACC Request Form Instructions for additional details. Download and fill the template for neighbors approval and upload as needed.