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The Richwoods Board of Directors and the staff are assisted by a group of committees. These committees are run by homeowners interested in improving the various operations. Committees act in role that advises the board of directors. Each committee is limited to seven members in order to expedite issues and keep the committees running smoothly. Currently, the association has the following committees:
  • Fitness Committee:
    • The Fitness Committee is charged with monitoring the activities of the Richwoods Fitness Center and advising the Board of Directors on policy issues related to the use of the exercise areas. This seven member committee meets, as needed, to review fitness center issues, the group exercise calendar and personal training. In addition, they advise the board on major equipment purchases.
  • Neighborhood Watch Committee:
    • The Neighborhood Watch Committee is charged with educating owners on the protection of their property. Working with the Frisco Police Department, they organize education sessions and articles for the community. In addition, they work with staff to improve traffic safety in Richwoods. The Neighborhood Watch also organizes the Block Captain program to enhance communication between residents.
  • Parks Committee:
    • ​​​​​​​The Richwoods Parks Committee advises the Board of Directors on matters dealing with Richwoods parks and fields. They consider issues of policy and ways to enhance the parks to improve their use by residents. The seven member committee meets in the amenity center, as needed.
  • Diversity Committee:
    • The Diversity Committee is charged with leading the effort to build an understanding of the diverse community that makes up Richwoods. This committee meets to discuss issues affecting the community and plan for events to build community among our different cultures. The committee is in-charge of planning and implementing the Diversity Dinner. This dinner is the unique event of its kind in the community with the intent to educate our owners of our cultures.