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The Richwoods Board of Directors and the staff are assisted by a group of committees. These committees are run by homeowners interested in improving the various operations. Committees act in role that advises the board of directors. Each committee is limited to seven members in order to expedite issues and keep the committees running smoothly. Currently, the association has the following committees:
  • Amenities Committee:
    • The Amenities Committee advises and assists HOA Board in oversight of Association pool, fitness center, club house, parks and various athletic fields and advising the Board of Directors on policy issues related to the use of the various amenities.
  • Safety and Security Committee:
    • The Safety and Security Committee advises and assists HOA Board on issues, concerns, and recommendations pertaining to matters related to the safety and security of the neighborhood, vehicular and non-vehicular traffic, access gates, street lighting and other issues that affect the general safety and welfare of the community.
  • Landscape Committee:
    • The Landscape Committee advises and assists HOA Board in oversight of landscaping, hard-scaping and irrigation in the common areas of the Association.
  • Events Committee:
    • The Events Committee advises and assists HOA Board in planning and coordination of the Association social events that take place throughout the year to build strong relationship among the families living in the community.