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Richwoods Committee
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The Richwoods Board of Directors and staff are assisted by several committees. These committees are run by homeowners interested in improving various neighborhood operations. Committees act in role that advises the Board. Currently, the association has the following committees: 
Architectural Control Committee: Also commonly known as ACC, this committee is responsible for reviewing proposed exterior home changes to ensure they follow the architectural guidelines that are set in the Richwoods governing documents. These guidelines typically include specific material requirements, height restrictions, setback guidelines, etc. It is important to note that the committee is not approving or denying plans based on personal opinion, but whether they comply with the guidelines set forth in the governing documents.
Communications Committee: The Communications Committee is responsible for developing, monitoring and updating the communication for the Richwoods Association of Homeowners. The goal is to provide community related information and notifications to homeowners, in a professional and timely manner, through consistent means of communication.
Events & Activities: This committee is responsible to plan and implement programs, events and activities for residents of Richwoods. The goal is to present opportunities for residents to meet and engage with fellow community members and to foster community spirit. This committee strives to provide educational and entertaining programs that create awareness about the diverse cultures in the neighborhood, and celebrate them in a manner which is open and inclusive of all residents.
Finance & Budget: The Finance & Budget Committee assists the Board and HOA Treasurer in taking care of essential financial management tasks such as budget planning, tracking expenses, make recommendations on reserves and investments, and review draft audits and reserve studies.
Landscape Committee: Advises and makes recommendations to the Board on the maintenance, appearance, and improvements to all landscaped areas in and around Association common areas. The committee will also work to educate Richwoods homeowners on proper care and maintenance of their personal landscaping to ensure the neighborhood maintains overall visual appeal.
Parks & Recreation: The Parks & Recreation Committee advises and makes recommendations to the Board on the maintenance, use, and appearance of all Association owned parks, pool, clubhouse and fitness center. The committee should develop programs and policies that allow all ages of Richwoods residents become happier and healthier through fitness and recreation.
Safety & Security: The Safety & Security Committee advises and makes recommendations to the Board on the safety and security of the neighborhood such as access, traffic safety, lighting, and neighborhood watch. This committee is responsible for enhancing safety awareness in Richwoods.