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Architectural Changes and Review (ACC)
  • chevron_rightWhat type of changes must be approved by ACC?
    The general rule is any changes, which can be viewed from the street, must be approved. The exception would be changing the color of your plants. In the backyard, pools and structures, taller than the fence, must be approved.
  • chevron_rightWhy is getting ACC approval so important?
    First, you risk putting in an improvement that could have to be removed at a later date. This is wasted time and money on your part. If your improvement does not meet the standards of the ACC or is against any rule in the documents, the ACC can expect you to have to remove it. 
    Second, any unapproved item added to the exterior of your home can slow down the sale of your home at a later date. When staff is notified that your home is under contract, a site inspection of the home is completed. If you did a project without approval, it will be noticed at that time. The buyer will be notified and will, most likely, want you to go through the approval process. This will not be expedited for the sake of the sale and could cause delays in closing the home.
  • chevron_rightWhat must be turned in with my ACC application?
    • Application Survey with the improvements marked on it
    • List of materials
    • Structures must have elevation drawings
    • Contractor proposal 
    • Anything built above the fence line will need neighbor approval from any neighbor touching your property line, including those in the corners.
  • chevron_rightHow long does it take for ACC approval?
    This depends on the season and the complexity of the request. The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) has 30 days to rule on a request and with every update of information, another 30 days is allowed. Spring is our busiest time of the year so there may be long waits for approval during this time. Complex plans or multiple requests on one ACC request form can slow down your approvals. Breaking multiple requests into smaller applications may speed up approval time.
  • chevron_rightWhy is adding concrete such an issue with the ACC?
    Adding large amounts of concrete can create a drainage issue and also may create an unpleasant curb appeal from the street. The applicant must present a good case for adding large amounts of concrete.
  • chevron_rightWhy do pools have to be ACC approved?
    The association looks at the distance of the water from the property line as well as potential drainage issues. Large amounts of decking can cause drainage to move to a neighbor's yard. Adequate planning for drainage must be included in the plans.
Community Access
  • chevron_rightHow do you access the community at all gates?
    In order to access the community, you will need to be sure that your toll tag(s) is registered to gain access through the gates. So if you have not registered your vehicles, please do so now to avoid access issues. To register your toll tag, please go to https://www.richwoodshoatx.com/ select Resident Corner, Toll Tag Registration and complete the information section.
  • chevron_rightWhat is DwellingLive? How do I use it?
    Richwoods HOA utilizes the Dwelling Live software system to provide access control into the community.
  • chevron_rightWhat do I do if I have trouble accessing the gate after registering my toll tag with the office?
    Contact Castle Management at hoaoffice@richwoodshoatx.com
  • chevron_rightHow to grant Community Access to Guests?
    Guests may access any gates that are open during the day. After the gates are closed, they must access the community only through the guest drive-up at the Kelmscott guardhouse or with an access code. Homeowners can register guests on DwellingLive portal and send access code to their guests which can be scanned at the readers located at all the community entrances for entering into the community. For homeowner access to DwellingLive portal, make a request at 'Resident Corner -> Resident Requests -> DwellingLive Access'.

    If you have a taxi, UBER, LYFT or delivery service coming after the gates are closed, instruct them to come through the guardhouse drive-up on Kelmscott. Call the guardhouse at 214-705-1127 to let them know to expect the taxi, UBER, LYFT or delivery service.
  • chevron_rightWhat if I have a Motorcycle?
    Motorcycle owners - Please obtain the transmitter device (see picture) for $35 from the HOA office at the clubhouse. You can screw this onto your license plates.
  • chevron_rightWhat to do with trouble accessing the gate after registering toll tag with the office?
    If you are having trouble accessing the gate after you have registered your toll tag with the office:
    • Call NTTA at 972-818-6882 and ask if they are billing your account off of your toll tag or your license plate. You would not know it if they used your license plate since NTTA does not notify you of a bad toll tag. If they are using your license plate, request a new toll tag.
    • Come into the office to verify your toll tag number. Bring a picture of the toll tag numbers.  
    • If the tag number is the same as what we have in our database, we will connect you to our gate vendor where they will set up an appointment to meet with you and review different variables to make the tags work.
Community Rules
HOA Payments
  • chevron_rightWhat are Richwoods HOA dues, and who is the management company?
    • Richwoods is managed by Castle Group with an onsite Property Manager.
    • The current regular assessment for the Property is $1200 per year.  $600 due on January 1st and $600 due on July 1st
  • chevron_rightHow do you make HOA payments?
      You can log on to www.richwoodshoatx.com, Resources - > Pay online
    •    Option 1: Automatic Withdrawal (AutoPay, Highly Recommended) - Click “My Account” from RichwoodsHOATX.com - Login to Castle Richwoods Portal Required: The Association will withdraw your payment between the 5th and 10th of the January/July from your bank account. Enrolling in AutoPay eliminates the hassle of writing a check, avoids mailing fees, guarantees that your payment will be received on a timely basis, and is a wonderful way to participate in our CastleGreen® initiative. There is no charge for you to utilize AutoPay when scheduled. You should be enrolled in AutoPay before the 31th of December or 30th of June to be eligible for Auto payment.
    •    Option 2: One Time Payment - Click “Pay Online” from Richwoodshoatx.com: One Time Payment is used to make a payment online using your bank account or credit card. The next screen asks for your first and last name, email address, and account number as listed on your statement. If a unit is owned by a company, you will need to enter the full name of the company in the last name field. A one time payment incurs a fee of $3.95 for using a bank account and an additional convenience fee of about 3.5% for using a credit card.
    •    Option 3: Mail a check with a copy of the statement/coupon: Make your check payable to the Association and mail your check and statement/coupon to the address listed on the coupon.
    •    Option 4: Utilize Bill Pay Service through your bank: Please note that these payments are typically sent without a coupon/statement, and there may be a delay in the posting of these payments. Please confirm the send payments address and account number in the memo section of the payment set-up is the same as the account number shown on the coupon/statement to avoid any delay in the posting of your payments. Please also note the due date on your coupon /statement and schedule your payments to be initiated at least 10 business days prior to that date to avoid late fees.
Reporting Complaints