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Social Media

There have been hundreds of requests from the community for a common social media platform for all Richwoods residents where everyone can participate and part of healthy discussions. After discussing options and processes with the association Attorney, the Board has decided to open two social media platforms - Facebook and Kaizala, a Microsoft Chat application similar to WhatsApp. The beauty of Kaizala is that it enables the creation of groups at the levels of the street, phase and community, so that users can decide who can view their posts. And the Board or Property Manager can quickly send out information to everyone or a select street or phase when needed.
You can learn more about Kaizala here:
These are the terms and conditions for joining the association social platforms. This will ensure these platforms provide a positive and inclusive environment for everyone. At a later date a committee of moderators will be formed to enforce these terms.
To join Richwoods HOA Official Social Media groups (Available to Richwoods residents only), please refer to 'Resident Corner -> Resident Requests' page, all submissions will be verified.